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Who We Are

We are more than a software company, in fact, it just happens to be the tool we use to enable the people within insurance to focus on what they’re best at. People have always been the focus of everything we develop. We speak to you - members of the insurance value chain to understand your current challenges and your future vision. This is what makes us different. We’ve always had insurance people at the core of any product.


Our founders Barry Milchem, Jerry Mcarthur, Paul Argent and Paul Bermingham used their combined 100+ years of experience in insurance and consulting to form Advent Insurance Management in 2015. 

Ecliptic is Advent Insurance Management's digital division. We aim to untangle the complexities of the market for those that work within it and to facilitate the market-wide objective of modernisation. 

Employees in the office

Why Ecliptic?

Illuminating the insurance world

The Ecliptic is the reference plane from which the human race views all the elements of our Solar System and also the stellar constellations of our Milky Way galaxy, it aids our understanding of the distant and complex. 

We are able to have a view of the elements within the insurance world through a combination of insider experience and outsider thinking. We have named our products after the constellations which make up our galaxy. Our aim is to provide the industry with a plane of reference products to best serve its members and customers. The full illumination of insurance is only possible and understood via its Ecliptic. 


To design, provide and implement data management, efficiency and compliance solutions to modernise and facilitate the future-proofing of the global insurance market.


Enabling the future of the global insurance
and financial services industries to be efficiently deployed, by providing an ecosystem of international connectivity, transaction, compliance, analysis and data solutions, all required for big data and AI to deploy the effective systems of the future.

Connections and solutions for now and beyond

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