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GEMINI For Experts

Access more Insurers and improve productivity with insights that only GEMINI can provide. GEMINI is utilised by experts at zero cost. 650+ experts are already using GEMINI, become part of a growing worldwide network.

Engineers and Businesspeople

Welcome to GEMINI

If you are here, it means that your client is utilising Gemini to handle their Expert processes.  All you have to do is ensure that your one time business profile is set up accurately on the platform alongside due diligence evidence. This means in the future you'll have greater visibility to other Insurers. You'll submit your invoice via Gemini free of charge and the rest of the work lies with us. You benefit from the fastest invoice payments in the industry as well as the following: 

Eliminate fee collection charges

Record your fees and fee splits, and submit supporting invoices directly into Gemini to eliminate fee collection charges and improve credit control.

Meet compliance requirements at ease

Submit due diligence and capture expert services provided.

Access more Managing Agents

Increase visibility of services provided to the market as a member on Gemini's Global Directory.

Expert MI & Insights

Experts get insights into carrier panels they have been instructed on, case information, volumes and payment performance.

Improved Productivity

Manage your work load easily by seeing which instructions are open. Gemini helps you mange your productivity. See what’s outstanding clearly and see what’s completed.

Payment Transparency

The invoice dashboard provides you with a clear overview of which invoices are completed and which are pending, allowing each expert to track their invoice(s) throughout the various payment stages. See everything in one click. Fast payment for you is our priority.

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