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GEMINI for Insurers

With GEMINI you can understand your Expert spend and manage your future claims with confidence. We do the implementation process on behalf of Insurers and Experts can submit invoices via an online link to the platform.

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Learn how to add your directory of experts and create invoices on GEMINI in this introductory video by LIMOSS.

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At the present time, GEMINI is only available to the Lloyd's London Market but will soon be available to both LIRMA and ILU Members subject to signing a Market Agreement with LIMOSS. 

As part of the onboarding process, there is a requirement for Carriers to sign a LIMOSS MUA (market user agreement) and acceptance to the Terms of Use for all Experts requesting access to GEMINI.

To start the onboarding process or to learn more visit LIMOSS's GEMINI Hub. 

Getting started with GEMINI 

Expert Set up & Management

Expert Set up & Management

Insurers can request any expert organisation to join GEMINI. We will provide them with access credentials to complete a quick organisation profile including an overview, services, locations and expertise. To meet compliance requirements they can upload due diligence responses, documents and fee schedule.

Panel & Contract Management

Once the Experts are set up, you can create 'Preferred Panels' within private areas to approve due diligence submissions, get alerts on out-of-date documentation and store key documents such as contracts, fee schedules and terms of engagement.

Expert Instruction, Invoicing & Payment

We can link your claims system (via API) to search, select and instruct experts via GEMINI. Experts can then raise invoices against these instructions, validate & break out key elements of service and submit for approval. Once approved, GEMINI can settle directly to the Expert.

Reporting, Insights & Analysis

All instructions, invoices, cost breakdowns and payments are captured within GEMINI and standard reporting tools provide analysis of expenditure by Expert company, service & instruction type, territory, period, class of business & average-case time. It can even provide analysis on where you lead or follow on risks. Customised reports are also available on request to meet your business needs.

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