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Lloyd's Market Association:
Head of Claims Forum 2022

Paul Bermingham introduces how GEMINI was developed, the key features and benefits to insurers and the wider market in the latest Heads of Claims Forum. 


Sheel Sawhney, Brit

"Brit are big supporters of GEMINI and urge all MAs to get on board" - Sheel Sawhney, BRIT

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Q: Who is GEMINI for? 

A: GEMINI can be used by Insurers and Experts. 

  • It enables insurers to understand how much they are spending with experts globally. 

  • Greater management insight and reporting for insurers.

  • Experts benefit from visibility to all registered market participants and a simple and consistent means of submitting invoices for payment on London market claims.

  • Experts further benefit from cost-free and faster invoice processing. 


Brokers will be able to step out of the entire invoice process, allowing them to focus on what they do best.


Q: As an Expert can I integrate my invoicing system with GEMINI?

A: After delivery of phase 2,  we will be developing an expert invoice API to allow experts to integrate their invoice system with GEMINI. This will allow GEMINI to become more streamlined with all Market platforms and reduce the time for your invoices to be paid. We have targeted Q1 2021 delivery for this expert invoice API.


Q: As an Expert do I have to submit invoices via GEMINI?

A: If you have received instruction via GEMINI of your appointment, the managing agent is requesting you to submit your invoice via GEMINI. The process is free and you can expect a faster return than usual.


Q: How long will it take for Experts to receive payment?

A: The Market is aiming to ensure that all expert invoices are settled in less than 30 days, and more quickly thereafter as the Market take-up increases. 


Q: Can I integrate my Carrier Claims System with GEMINI?

A: We will be happy to discuss the opportunities to develop other API feeds outside of the Write-Back solutions to connect directly with your own claims management system.


Q: Is my data safe?

A: Yes. All data is managed and stored in line with Market data storage, usage and security standards and will be monitored, controlled, and audited by LIMOSS on behalf of the Market. 

Q: Which Write-Back vendors are building a GEMINI integration?

A: We work with the following vendors: DOCOsoft, Charles Taylor, Sequel and Guidewire. Speak to your Write-Back vendor regarding the adoption of new functionality that allows GEMINI to work in your organisation. You should therefore look to engage with your Write-Back vendors to plan an upgrade to your claims management solution to take advantage of GEMINI.

Q: Is GEMINI solely for the Lloyd's market?

A: The first delivery of GEMINI was for the Lloyd’s market, but a short follow roll out will be delivered for both LIRMA and ILU Members, following Market agreement with LIMOSS.  Other insurance carriers and international markets can also access GEMINI.

Q: How Can I Request a Demo?

A: Give us a call to organise a demo at a time that best suits you or book a demo online. 

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The GEMINI Claims Expert Management Hub – a London Market low-code story, from creation to delivery

The London Market needed a robust, secure and compliant solution. It also needed to integrate with all insurer systems, connect with their central claims agreement and settlement functions and have a global payment capability. We partnered with Netcall to develop GEMINI with low code. In this webinar Netcall explores why low-code was the obvious choice and looks at how:

  • Low-code enabled rapid development and deployment

  • The solution enabled extensive integration with both legacy and modern systems

  • System and data security standards were easily met and managed

  • This agile, collaborative approach enabled more effective relationship management in the supply chain

Watch the webinar here

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