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Case studies

DA Portal/Advantage now called LIBRA

Various carriers and managing agents have benefited from LIBRA. See their previous pain points and how LIBRA has helped them.

Case Study: Advent Insurance Management and Managing Agent   

The Challenge: Cyber Claims Processing

A leading global cyber insurer, receives claims from around the world. Specialist law firms and TPAs acting under delegated authority help manage these claims locally across multiple time zones. While often occurring at inopportune moments, claims must be swiftly validated to enable efficient payment processing. The managing agent wished to enhance its service to insureds and MGAs, while making life simpler for TPAs by removing complexity and delay from the validation, compliance and reporting process.

The Advent Solution: DA Portal

The MA engaged Advent’s DA Portal which provides 24-7 claims entry. Once submitted, claims are automatically validated against binder rules, then allocated to the correct section, year of account, loss fund and risk code.

Payment requests can be issued immediately by the relevant TPA, which protects customers’ data and frees TPAs to do what they do best: handle claims.

  • Advent has partnered with Vitesse to enable the same-day processing of global payments in almost every currency. DA Portal allows multiple TPAs and programmes on the same book of business, with combined reporting and parallel claims payments from the same loss fund.

  • To ensure confidential handling of all claims information, each TPA can only view and manage their own data, however, clients, carriers, and coverholders can access combined reporting across their entire portfolio. This enables easy data analysis.

Ultimately, Advent’s DA Portal creates transparency for all parties involved, facilitates reporting and enables prompt payments, loss fund top-ups and dramatically decreases costs.

The Outcome:

On 1 June 2020, DA Portal went live. Users were set up, and training delivered. Their law firm Atheria is now required to simply process payments and update the reserves. Advent does the rest. Payment runs have since been considerably improved, with indemnities paid swiftly and inexpensively.

DA Portal has provided true incurred positions of claims data reflected in reports, allowing the MA's underwriters to analyse accurate accounts, with loss funds created to enable transatlantic payments within 24 hours.

In Phase II, Advent and this MA will include Chicago law firm Bates Carey, which handles claims when Atheria is conflicted. Kennedys will be added next for UK claims.

Duncan Pease from Axis Cyber Claims international

Duncan Pease, Head of AXIS Cyber Claims International

“This seems like the perfect solution. DA Portal will enable us to look after our customers and pay their claims quickly, ensuring we have funds in place to enable this to happen. It will solve our reporting issues, and keep our underwriters informed on what is taking place financially. I am delighted the key stakeholders engaged so well, allowing this initiative to go live so quickly at a time when they were all feeling the pressures of Covid 19.”

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