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ARIES is a global collaboration platform, managing all aspects of stakeholder and contract relationships within the delegated authority market.


ARIES handles:

  • On-boarding

  • Due diligence

  • Contract creation & approval

  • Contract assignment & management

  • Service performance

  • Audit management

  • Management information & reporting

ARIES is a one-stop DA solution for all parties.

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ARIES Features


TPA/DCA onboarding: each individual company set's up a profile to showcase its services along with key contacts.

Contract/binder management: providing more control over a Carriers live/expired contract. This also provides the TPA/DCA with further visibility over the contracts they have been appointed on.

Full audit process: enabling DA stakeholders the ability to work within one system, producing instant reporting to match market standards. 

Who is ARIES for?

Insurers, brokers, and MGAs benefit from: 

  • A single global platform to manage all aspects of DA stakeholder relationships and management

  • A single global process for assigning authority, loss funds and managing performance

  • A complete audit assignment & completion tool with the ability to adapt and apply scoring to meet your specific needs

  • A single source of data, MI & insights for all delegated contracts

TPAs/DCA Benefit from: 

  • A single point that will allow access for multiple insurers to view a companies’ due diligence

  • Single platform to receive and manage all delegated contracts and authority

  • MI & insights into insurer, MGA & broker relationships, panels, and usage