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ARIES is a global collaboration platform, managing all aspects of stakeholder and contract relationships within the delegated authority market.


ARIES handles:

  • On-boarding

  • Due diligence

  • Contract creation & approval

  • Contract assignment & management

  • Service performance

  • Audit management

  • Management information & reporting

ARIES is a one-stop DA solution for all parties.

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ARIES Features


TPA/DCA onboarding: each individual company set's up a profile to showcase its services along with key contacts.

Contract/binder management: providing more control over a Carriers live/expired contract. This also provides the TPA/DCA with further visibility over the contracts they have been appointed on.

Full audit process: enabling DA stakeholders the ability to work within one system, producing instant reporting to match market standards. 

Who is ARIES for?

Insurers, brokers, and MGAs benefit from: 

  • A single global platform to manage all aspects of DA stakeholder relationships and management

  • A single global process for assigning authority, loss funds and managing performance

  • A complete audit assignment & completion tool with the ability to adapt and apply scoring to meet your specific needs

  • A single source of data, MI & insights for all delegated contracts

TPAs/DCA Benefit from: 

  • A single point that will allow access for multiple insurers to view a companies’ due diligence

  • Single platform to receive and manage all delegated contracts and authority

  • MI & insights into insurer, MGA & broker relationships, panels, and usage

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Q: Does it connect with DAMS/DCOM (Lloyds systems for scheduling audits)

A: We are in early discussions with Lloyd's and as soon as DAMS/DCOM get APIs we will be ready to connect. 


Q: Can I pull my old data from system X into Aries? 

A: Yes can build an import and we can also build exports from ARIES to update your own central systems if needed. 


Q: Can we have additional audit types? 

A: We currently have Delegated Audit, High Conduct Risk Technical File Review, Internal Technical File Review, Short Form Audit, and SLA Audit types available. Coverholder audits are on the roadmap. You can request different types and we can add them for you. 


Q: Can brokers and coverholders log into the system too?

A: This functionality is being implemented and will be added towards the latter end of the year. 


Q: How long does it take to get it up and running? 

A: The environment is already live so you just have to set employers up on the system. The data migration process can take between 2-4 days. 


Q: Can it manage the process between the coverholder and the broker? 

A: This is a feature that is on the roadmap and will be delivered within the next 12 months. 

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: Below you can see indicative annual pricing. Prices include licence, maintenance & helpdesk support​ but exclude VAT, set up and development. Prices can be tailored around the specific software needs of the client.

A table showing a breakdown of costs for ARIES.
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