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The Delegated Authority oversight platform 

A secure platform for stakeholders in the insurance value chain to manage relationships.


Onboarding, due diligence, approvals, and digital contracting. Ongoing management through service level management, audits, and reporting. ARIES provides a one-stop shop.

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ARIES is a powerful platform designed to revolutionize how you manage your Delegated Authority relationships. This comprehensive tool offers an array of features to improve oversight and operational resilience. It only takes minutes for your MGA, Broker, Insurer, TPA and Auditor stakeholders to create a profile on the system and begin interacting. 



Integrated Due Diligence Management

Deliver due diligence processes based on your standards. ARIES Ensuring all parties meet regulatory requirements and maintain compliance.


Comprehensive Audit Management

Manage the entire audit process within ARIES. Enable all stakeholders to work within a single platform. Provide an audit process that aligns with global market standards. Ensure accountability, quality, and regulatory compliance while facilitating instant reporting.


Request, schedule, perform, and report audits within the ARIES platform. Streamline the entire audit process for quicker and more accurate assessments. with Identify, assign, and close out audit recommendations.


In-depth Notification Management

Comprehensive notification management. Receive, review, and manage actions effectively. Ensure stakeholders stay informed and maintain control over important updates, approvals, and information. 


ARIES maintains a full audit trail of actions and resolutions for all parties in the value chain.  


Aggregated Reporting

Access aggregated reports for comprehensive insights and data analysis. ARIES empowers customers to gain valuable insights. Make data-driven decisions for more effective business management.


Party Directory

A comprehensive directory of all involved parties to a relationship. ARIES facilitates quick and easy access to essential contact information.


Smoother communication and more effective relationship management with your value chain. Set up preferred panels with class of business for your regularly used counterparties.  


Single Platform for all Parties

Unify interactions for Insurers, Brokers, MGAs, TPAs and Auditors. ARIES is one seamless environment that simplifies and centralizes collaboration,


Streamline communication and improve efficiency for all stakeholders for customers.


Binder Contracts and Sections Set-up & Approval

ARIES enables the creation, approval, and management of live and expired binder contracts. Assignment of stakeholders results in improved contract management.


Digital contract creation and signatures. Ensure a complete audit trail of contracts and endorsements.

Provides greater transparency and efficiency in your value chain. Delivering better service and compliance for customers.


Onboarding and Party Management

Establishes your company profile and highlight your services and key contacts in ARIES. Provide easy access to essential information. Foster better communication, and enhance transparency in your interactions.


“Private Areas” between all key Stakeholders

Secure, confidential spaces for contract assignments, discussions, transactions, contracting, and seamless document sharing. Ensuring the utmost privacy for sensitive interactions.


Enhanced collaboration and document management within the platform. Contribute to ongoing improvements through the dedicated Improvement Suggestion Box.


Streamline workflow management and enhance task tracking. Accountability with task assignments and key contact assignments.


ARIES handles fee structure assignments and negotiations. Manage Service Level Agreement attestations and monthly submissions. Guarantee compliance with agreed-upon service levels to ensure service quality.

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