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Managing Agents have historically struggled to understand how much of their spend is attributed to experts globally. Additionally, experts have antagonised for too long over slow invoice processing with delays of months or even years. 


GEMINI was implemented to overcome these challenges. For the first time, managing agents have access to empirical data on the cost and performance of claims experts globally. GEMINI is now the Lloyd's of London market-wide adopted platform for expert management. We are continuously working on enhancing GEMINI to bring better developments and insight to the market. 

GEMINI brings together clients and their key suppliers in a collaborative, mutually beneficial platform to maximise the relationship, reduce transaction costs and provide meaningful insights to all parties.

If you are already using GEMINI find out how to onboard your experts here. If you are an expert we have a dedicated page for you. 


We believe that systems should empower carriers and managing agents, that experts should be paid on time and that managing agents should have access to data that tells them exactly how much they are spending and with whom. The market has big ambitions in digitisation but with outdated and clunky processes progression will not occur at the desired pace. We need to ensure that the basic tools work with managing agents not against them. By making sure we have the foundations in our market right and by working together we can all succeed. 



GEMINI was developed following an initial request from LMACC in 2017 to create a platform that provided an understanding of the legal and expert spend within the market. The current market systems were not able to provide this information. With Lloyd's insurance market spending up to £1bn on experts annually the lack of spend data created a significant constraint on Insurer's managerial insight. 

Management insight & expert settlement 

Ecliptic (then Advent) met the needs outlined by LMACC and in 2018 released GEMINI as an on-boarding and contract management system for experts. However, another area of difficulty that the market faces is the timely settlement of expert invoices. This is largely due to a lack of standardisation in getting invoices to the market. There are various routes to get fees into the market: through the broker, some experts have their own CSNs, through fee collection agencies and directly to the market. Experts were oftentimes waiting months or years for their invoices to be paid. To alleviate these issues we added fee settlement capabilities and claims can be settled between 14-30 days.



GEMINI was then handed over to LIMOSS to procure and manage on behalf of the market. In 2020 we added Writeback and API integration which awarded GEMINI with market-approved service status. In 2021 post-Brexit changes we added Lloyd's Europe VAT and reporting validation tools. This year we are extending Lloyd's API to ILU and LIRMA. 

The service has always been supported by the LMA and is now managed and validated by LIMOSS. We are investing in integration with Sequel and Guidewire. 


There are currently 36 insurers live and 750+ experts registered on GEMINI. 


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Taking disparate processes and creating a single market standard. There are many routes of getting fees into the market, none of which deliver a quick payment or capture of structured data that can be used in the market. GEMINI provides these benefits on one platform across all bureaus which is cheaper and faster than other systems in the market. Changes to the system can be implemented quickly for example users of GEMINI were able to respond to the new Lloyd's Europe VAT as soon as the new regulations were rolled out.  

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The Lloyd's oversight framework (p.59) sets out expectations in relation to expert management. GEMINI meets the outlined requirements in regards to onboarding, due diligence, panel management, approval and centralised contract facilities. 


You can capture SLA information from experts and look at performance monitoring and fee spend analysis. Furthermore, Carriers can now get this information in relation to Lloyd's Europe VAT requirements.    

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Management insights

GEMINI provides analysis of expert spend by class of business and territory. This can be viewed through various lenses for example where you lead you can view lead only information, you can also get your follow of a market contribution to expert invoices. You can view these across bureau and non-bureau spend. 

Market comparisons and insights: 

  • Average claim lifecycle and cost 

  • Indemnity to expense ratio

  • Fee budget v total pay (monitoring of breach of estimates) 

  • Average instructions per claim

  • Average invoices per claim, by expert company, territory and class of business. 

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Whether you are a start-up, medium or large management agency or carrier there are significant savings to be made. At present (March 2020) fees direct charges £97.74 and GEMINI is £15 per transaction. This is split in proportion to the slip. There is a 2 day SLA to process the invoice on the front end and to approve and release the money on the back end. 

Get this money back on your bottom line and improve your loss ratio. Experts on average wait in excess of 6 months to get paid. It is London's worse debt to date. Experts are using fee recovery agencies paying 2.5-5% of their bill to collect these invoices. By eliminating this cost from your experts you are in a better position to negotiate fees and build stronger relationships. The average settlement period with GEMINI is 14 days.  

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Single Global Solution

A single global management solution for your regularly used and approved experts, service and spend. Appointments are captured as part of the claims management process either within your claims management solution (Trax or Docosoft) or via the GEMINI portal.

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Ready to get started? 

Book a demo below or get in contact with us if you have some more questions. Alternatively, you can contact the LIMOSS service desk.  

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