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Say goodbye to fragmented processes and welcome a unified solution for managing your trusted experts, services, and expenditures across the globe.

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Insurers have long grappled with the challenge of tracking global expert spend. All whilst meeting compliance and oversight requirements.


Meanwhile, experts have endured frustrating delays in invoice processing and settlement. Sometimes stretching for months or even years.


Introducing GEMINI, the game-changer that tackles these obstacles head-on.


For the first time, Insurers gain access to expert engagement and oversight. With embedded empirical data on the cost and performance of claims experts worldwide.


GEMINI is the expert management platform of choice for the Lloyd's and London Market.


Drive Down Costs

Integrated supply chain, risk, and performance management. Achieve substantial cost savings, collective bargaining power, and informed decisions on claims expense.


Unleash the potential of your business. Integrated management capabilities that drive cost savings and empower smarter decision-making.


 Insurer Management Insight

Leverage powerful analytics on expert spend. Gain valuable insights into expert usage, performance, and value.


Make informed decisions, enhance reserving accuracy, and optimize outcomes on new cases.

Understand the impact of expert instructions and drive better results across claims management.


Improved Compliance

Onboarding to due diligence, approval to panel management, and centralized contract facilities. Trust GEMINI to simplify expert management and streamline your processes.


Effortlessly capture SLA information, monitor performance, and analyze fee spending. GEMINI empowers carriers to stay compliant with global governance and compliance requirements.


Reduce Admin

Simplify the fee payment process. Seamlessly access claims data from expert invoices. No need for manual intervention - automatically trigger fee payments on your behalf.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of hassle-free fee processing with GEMINI.


Faster Settlement For Experts

Unlike other systems, Gemini ensures swift payments and captures valuable structured data.


Global Expert Directory

Dynamic expert directory connects you with a vast array of global experts. Bringing together the expertise you need at your fingertips.


Integrated Solution

Two-way (API) integration with your claims management system. Seamless case instruction, invoice upload, approval, and settlement processes. Already integrated with Guidewire, Trax, and DOCOSoft. 

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Contact the Limoss Service Desk for prompt support 

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37 carriers are live including: 

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Ready to explore the power of GEMINI? Book a demo below to see our innovative solution in action. Don't miss the opportunity to discover how GEMINI can transform your expert management and streamline your operations.

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