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(Previously DA Portal)

Delegated Authority is complicated, prone to human error and demanding. Compliance and reporting takes time. Errors are costly, loss funds take months to top up, cash calls are frequent and Bordereaux remains incomplete or inaccurate creating delays. LIBRA was released in 2016 as a solution to these problems. 

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences. Everyone within insurance plays a critical role. Our incredible team of engineers, programmers and designers have worked tirelessly to enable each member of the claim value chain to focus on what they do best and on what they enjoy. We will continue to work relentlessly to become the technological standard, providing big-picture insights and solutions for companies of all sizes.

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Lloyd's Market Association:
LIBRA case study 

Paul Bermingham, (Ecliptic CEO) introduces how LIBRA serves Carriers, TPAs, Covers/Brokers and the general market. Duncan Pease (Axis, Head of Cyber Claims) then discusses Axis' experience with LIBRA examining how it's aided in fixing the issues with the existing DA bordereau and funding model in this short Bitesize session with Lloyd's. 

Introducing LIBRA

(Previously DA Portal)

Core Services

LIBRA is a one-stop solution for all stakeholders on delegated claims arrangements. It incorporates a single global platform for claims entry, validation and reporting, a centrally managed global loss fund structure and a straight-through arrangement for bordereaux processing and loss fund replenishment.

DA Claims Platform

Why spend days or weeks producing bordereaux and reconciling loss funds?

LIBRA provides live online access to all stakeholders and allows them to collaborate on claims. It captures the full binder, delegated authority levels, loss fund and insurer rules and applies these as soon as the claim is entered.  It allocates claims to the correct binder, section and year of account and combines claim and binder data to provide all the Market's reporting and compliance needs.  It can alert and escalate issues automatically to any or all parties and holds a complete audit trail of activity.  It is a one-stop claims, reporting and compliance platform. 

Centralised Global Loss Fund Management

Why have hundreds or thousands of loss funds spread across the globe when you have a single global loss fund in multiple currencies in one location and directly under your control?  

LIBRA puts insurers in direct control of loss funds, links them to the correct binder section and allows TPAs and Coverholders direct access to them within their claims authority. With each claim validated and allocated to the correct section and loss fund, reconciliation is simple and fast allowing top-ups to be provided quickly. This keeps everyone in funds, speeding up claim settlements for customers and removes all unnecessary processing and cash calls. 

Market Processing

TPAs and Coverholders report scores of bordereaux outstanding for months, loss funds running out and on some occasions, having to pay claims from their own funds.  

Brokers and insurers review & validate thousands of bordereaux rejecting many due to poor/incomplete data. LIBRA applies the binder rules upon entry, allocates them to the correct binder/section/YOA & loss fund with no additional validation/reconciliation required. LIBRA process quickly on behalf of all parties, ensuring loss funds are replenished and compliance requirements are met.  All stakeholders can access the claims data & reporting tools 24*7*365 so they can focus on adding value instead of excessive processing. 

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Q: How does DA Portal/LIBRA work?

A: LIBRA  is a web-based claims platform accessible by all stakeholders to the binding authority agreement. Binder agreement & rules, authority levels and Market compliance & reporting are built-in. It validates each claim on entry and allocates it to the correct binder section, year of account and loss fund. Payment requests are drawn directly from the allocated loss fund. Traditional bordereaux production, validation and reconciliation are removed, allowing straight-through processing and speedy top-up of loss funds.


Q: Does it comply with all Lloyd's and London Market requirements?

A: LIBRA is fully compliant with all Lloyd's and London governance, compliance and reporting requirements.  The loss fund process is also approved by the Market. Report formats include V5.2 bordereaux, Coverage Issues, Complaint Management, Solvency II, Financial Movements and Loss Runs. It is also compliant with DA SATS which is currently being rolled out across the Market.


Q: Will I lose control over the process or data?

A: Don't worry. All stakeholders retain the control they need but without the manual and repetitive effort required. Those with delegated claims authority (TPA, MGA or Coverholder) are still responsible for the data entry and payment requests and can access their data and reporting at all times. Brokers can receive alerts, and access their data and reports online to support their clients.  Carriers can authorise claims and payment outside authority, raise queries, manage loss funds and access compliance and regulatory reporting.


Q: Do I have to double-enter data?

A: You can either use LIBRA as your claims system to manage the entire claim life cycle or utilise it simply to validate claims and request payments. Although the latter will require some double entry, this is limited to a couple of minutes per claim but the savings in the removal of bordereaux production, loss fund management & reconciliation and production of Market reporting will result in significant savings for your business.


Q: How soon can I get started?

A: Often within a matter of days. We just need access to the binding authority agreement and the previous month's bordereaux and will set up all parties quickly, provide online training and get started.


Q: Can I really step away from bordereau, compliance and loss funds?

A: Yes! LIBRA is designed to allow you to focus on the service and technical aspects of each claim, without having to worry or be distracted by what the London Market may need in terms of reporting, compliance and financial management. LIBRA has been designed to address all of this on behalf of all stakeholders and will be continually updated to ensure it keeps in step with changing requirements.

Q: Is it secure?

A: Yes. LIBRA is housed in a secure data centre hosted environment with all the requisite controls, security, back-ups and protection required by the Lloyd's and London Market. Data is also protected in accordance with Privacy Shield requirements accepted by the EU and other regulators.

Q: Who owns the data?

A: The rights to data remain as they are now with each party having online access 24*7*365.  Advent will not own the data but will have the ability to aggregate anonymised data for the benefit of all participants.

Q: How Can I Request a Demo?

A: A: Give us a call to organise a demo at a time that best suits you or book a demo online. 

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Learn about the benefits of LIBRA for Carriers/Managing Agents

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