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Kids Inspire: Sponsored by Ecliptic

Ecliptic have worked with Kids Inspire since 2018. The Kids Inspire mission is to ensure that all children receive specialist support. The goal is to help them become healthy adults who lead complete and fulfilling lives. 

They support young people with a wide range of issues. From disability and mental health challenges. Activities include events, therapies, outreach and training of schools, health and social workers.

They also work with other providers across the education, health and private sectors. Providing advice, inspiration and support.

The Majority of Kids Inspire’s fund come through Fundraising. This funds projects like the Talk Together Programme. Aimed at providing therapeutic services for young people experiencing mental health challenges.

This programme is a good example of the Kids Inspire’s work through Creative Therapy. They also work in Trauma Therapy, Family Therapy mentoring and coaching.

Ecliptic has supported four cycling events, in the UK and in Europe. These events have raised over £190,000 that directly supports these programmes.

We also attend the Kids Inspire Annual Ball and participate in their Christmas present campaign.  The team have also helped redecorate one of their rooms at their new offices ahead of an event for kids. 

In June this year we are sponsoring the Essex to Amsterdam event. 

Our Chairman, Barry Milchem, along with members of the Ecliptic team are riding the 140 miles.  The first stage is the ride to Harwich via with several stops on the way. The second stage takes the team across to Holland, then up through the edge of the Hague and Scheveningen. From there it's up the coast through Dune to Noordwijk. Then inland towards Burgerveen, Amstelhoek and then following the river Amstel to Amsterdam.

 "As Chairman of Ecliptic.Tech, it has given me an immense feeling of satisfaction that we have supported Kids Inspire as a Corporate Partner since 2018 helping to raise almost £200k through cycle events.

Being personally involved with team members from Ecliptic, I am proud to say that being part of this event is more than just raising funds for a hugely worthwhile cause, it is also a great team building experience.” 

           - Barry Micham


If you would like to get involved with Kids Inspire, join a ride, or sponsor the Ecliptic team, you can find more information here:



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