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ARIES wins Netcall 'app of the year' award

Ecliptic is a specialised InsureTech solution provider, who design and deliver innovative solutions for the insurance market and it’s Value Chain. Ecliptic is a Netcall partner.

40% of revenue for the Lloyd’s of London Market is derived from a subset of third-party agencies which underwrite products and commit them to insurance policies.

Strict regulations

The insurance industry is highly regulated with stringent requirements placed on registered and approved insurance entities for oversight and management. With many stakeholders in the value chain, comprehensive reporting is vital for corporate governance and service operations.

A comprehensive solution catering to many party types was needed to manage the value chain relationships in the Delegated Authority market. It needed to remove manual repetition and restrictive spreadsheets while enabling efficient management of performance, authority and the audit process.

Ecliptic used the low-code platform,  Liberty Create, to develop this solution – ARIES. Taking only 60 days to build the initial application, Ecliptic then worked collaboratively with the market to iteratively improve the application capabilities. This led to the rapid deployment of a solution that supports the full Delegated Authority eco-system.

Solving complex problems

The ARIES application solves a complex problem, delivers a comprehensive solution to vital audit requirements and a strong permission structure. It provides a smooth, digital experience to a range of insurance industry users. Successful digital transformation is about delivering real value to its users and as such, the ARIES application by Ecliptic was awarded the title of Netcall’s App of the Year 2023.

Ecliptic is a long-term partner of Netcall’s, starting their journey with the Liberty Create platform in 2017. The Liberty Create applications they have delivered in the London insurance market have established their position as a Lloyd’s of London technology provider.

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