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Phase II Update

This update follows on from the last Gemini bulletin LMA19-018-TB issued on 05 May 2019. Gemini, the Claims Expert Management platform, will now move in to a final phase of delivery, building on phase I and the original deliverable of obtaining visibility of expert spend and usage at a carrier and market level.

Following market wide support, LMACC sponsorship and funding, phase I will also deliver an integrated and streamlined, data driven expert management and fee settlement service. Phase II will deliver:

  • fast and reliable settlement of claims experts’ fees

  • supply chain, risk and performance management

  • active directory of experts, their services and performance

  • reduced cost of processing fees

  • operational savings and efficiencies achieved through the removal of touch-points

  • enhanced data and management information (MI), providing insight and intelligence on expert usage, performance, and claims costs. Download the Gemini brochure.

Phase I Phase I was delivered on 30 November 2018 to provide carriers with greater insight and oversight of the experts they instruct and the service that is delivered and/or managed by our value chain. The delivery of phase I has already resulted in the adoption of over 600 global experts and 36 managing agents to the market-funded platform.

Phase II Following a project re-plan phase II is scheduled to be delivered in April 2020. Design and delivery of the technology and service is aligned to the principles and vision of the Future at Lloyd’s claims blueprint, and alignment throughout phase II to ensure future proofing will continue. This will ensure the delivery is flexible and scalable, in such a way that it is built to interact with our value chain via modern technologies, is detached from legacy infrastructure and processes, and supports an enriched and structured data model, driven by application programme interface (API) messaging.

Costs The £25 transaction fee, payable by carriers (as a risk share percentage) to deliver the phase II service and settlement process, has been fully supported by the market via the LMACC and the project governance. The blueprint and cost to support the delivery of the platform and the fee processing and settlement service was approved based on the delivery of the benefits detailed above, to both carriers and experts. This includes the cost saving of £65 per transaction where payment is instigated by carriers, and average savings of £80 to £120 where the expert uses a fee collection agency.

This transaction fee will support the servicing of experts and carriers settlement process and a new payment infrastructure via the Gemini platform. In addition the centralised budget for the project will support the associated development of the API messaging and integration with Write-Back suppliers and carriers.

The year 1 (2019) and year 2 (2020) phase I run costs (associated with the: platform, service, infrastructure and market adoption), are being centrally funded by the LMACC budget to ensure that the platform and service delivery is a success and that we can build upon the already strong adoption of 36 managing agents during Q1 2020. To engage with the project, understand more about Gemini or to initiate your adoption of the service please contact me.

Tim Bowling Senior Executive, Claims


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